Vedic astrology main directions


Every moment we are faced with a certain energy of the Universe. Basically, we try to be in harmony with it, but it does not always succeed. Today's speed and rhythm of life  distracts us from the natural rhythms. Astrology in this situation can help us find a way to make decisions in accordance with the energy of the Universe to match our natural rhythms of life.


Six main Jyotish specialisations:

- Jataka Jyotish - planets (Grahas) analyses at birth moment (natal astrology)

- Prashna Jyotish - answers to specific questions

- Muhurta Jyotish - analyzes the favorable time to start any action

- Gola Jyotish - observation of celestial bodies in sky,  spherical astronomy

- Nimit Jyotish - analyze signs

- Ganita Jyotish - astronomical and astrological calculations, prepare the base for the calculation of the horoscope, calendar, eclipse e.t.c.


Five major Džoitišs schools:

- Nadi Jyotish - ancient rishi’s already prepared horoscopes for people who will be born in future

- Parasara Jyotish - it is Džoitišs tradition, which  described rishi Parasar in "Brihat Parasara Hora". It is mainly Natal astrology. This school is the most common today

- Jaimini Jyotish - the system of astrology created by maharishi Jaimini

- Tantra Jyotish - Jyotish tantric part. His origin is unknown. Tantric Jyotish mean intuitive attitude.

- Tajik Jyotish –this school is relatively new, created 16th century AD


Харт Дефау и Роберт Свобода – Джиотиш. Введение в индийскую астрологию