Vastu basic principles

Everything around us affects us - people, animals, plants, wind, sun .... The environment in which we live (apartment, office work) leaves us impressed. Therefore, it is important to arrange our daily living environment in harmony, according to the laws of Universe. Then we can feel the harmony.Aacharya-Kamal-Nandlal-2.png


Brahma by creating the world, took care of the architectural issues. Brahma asked Prithu arrange the world according to the principles of architecture. Prithu further assigned the work to the architect Vishvakarma (Tavasara). At that time Istapater (Vedic architecture) already existed at the level of theory, but only with Vishvakarma, these principles were implemented in life.

Initially, according to Istapater requirements were built only houses for gods. People took these principles later. First of all people in accordance with the requirements of Istapater built palaces and churches. Only after people's homes were built in accordance with these rules. Istapater gradually became a human life routine.

Vastu is Istapater modern form.


Build houses, apartments, churches, equip gardens, shops, according to Vastu means to do this according to the Vedic science, according to the laws of the Universe.


There are several ways to translate a word Vastu from the Sanskrit:


Vas + astu  “vas” - life;   “stu”- good                      “good life”

Vas + tu      “vas” – life;   “tu”  - for You                    “living place for you”



Vastu is inextricably linked to Vedic astrology. Vastu and Joytish represent a several aspects of the same oneness. Joytish is Vastu basis. Vastu provides general information about how to plan space. Joytish gives an understanding of the needs of each individual person, when and where to build, construct  at all,  construction process will be successfully, when I have an opportunity to build and so on.



Basic principles of Vastu

1) 5 basic elements (like Ayurveda, Vedic astrology, etc.)telpas elementi EN JPG.jpg

Water             -                       North East direction of the house

Fire                 -                       South East direction of the house

Air                   -                       North West  direction of the house

Land   -                       South West direction of the house

Ether -                       the home center




2) 8  main geographical directions

Telpas virzieni EN jpg.jpg

3) 9 Grahas


The man and the universe are united. They are a different sides of one oneness. Human behavior and the nature are ruled by 9 Grahas, the same as in Vedic astrology (see table above). Grahas are the link between the macrocosm and microcosm. A more detailed description of the Grahas please find in Vedic astrology articles.

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