Vastu Planet Harmoniser

With a help of planetary Yantras we can compensate many vastu defects.

To compensate  difficult reparable vastu defects is created 9 Planets harmonizer. This device combines eight geographical direction and Vastu Purusha Yantras. The effect of yantras is strengthened by pyramids. This tool is so powerful that it is able to remove most of the Vastu defects (up to 80%) 22m radius. It harmonizes all five elements (air, water, fire, earth, ether). It is a wonderful tool, which allows us easier to feel in our homes peace and harmony, easier to calm the mind, to be more productive at work. We think with a clearer head. 9 Planets harmonizer broadcast balanced energy, this is the way how it harmonizes the space.

The instrument must be placed in the geometric center of a home or office and it must be targeted according to the geographical directions. The device is not a toy and should not be touched on a daily basis without any reason. The device will work more effectively if we will devote to it our appreciation.

The device should be activated with special ritual; by counting mantras for each yantra.

Plan harmkon sam 8cm.jpgPlan harmon sam 1 8cm.jpgPlan harmon sam 2 8cm.jpg