Upayas (Remedies)

Vedic astrology, not only shows the current situation, the problems, but also provides solutions and the tools that enable you to work with the deepest layers of our being, our fine plan. Vedic astrology provides the tools helping to solve the problems. These methods are based on mantra practice, worship, rituals, any particular public activities, donation, color choices, yantras, meditation, etc. Remedies to correct the energy of the Grahas name upayas. Vedic astrology is not fatal. By proper applying of those remedies we can change a lot of things in our horoscope.


The most powerful upayas are advised work focused on changes of a consciousness, our habits, changing our nature, donation, the fire rituals.

A powerful feature is the chanting the word of God, contact with more educated people, lent during Ekadashi.


An important component of these methods is the correct use of gemstones.

Gemstone is very important energy correction tool, and therefore we have to be very careful by using them. We do not buy in a pharmacy for some drug and do not start using it, because we like the color of the bottle, or the name of this drug. For everybody it is clear - it is nonsense. But why do we tolerate such nonsense by hanging on our neck any  energy adjustment tool (gemstone) based on the color, brilliancy or any other external attribute, without any knowledge what this particular stone is doing, what is his nature.

Like the use of any drug can be determined only by a qualified doctor, the use of gemstone can be determined by an astrologer.

To easier understand  the question, as an example, there are provided a few principles for gems selection:

1) Graha be made a stronger if he is beneficial, but weak in horoscope

2) Malefic Grahas, if they are weak in horoscope, can be made a stronger if they are short-term benefactor (Shani, if Ascendent (Lagna) in Tula, or Mangal, if Ascendent (Lagna) in Karkata or Simha)

3) it is sometimes useful to made a stronger Grahas, which manages the Ascendent (Lagna) or the 9th Bhava, even if the Graha is strong


These are just some of the principles. In order to accurately determine what astrological correction can be used it is necessary carefully study the horoscope. Gemstones intensify  both right and negative qualities of the Grahas simultaneously.

An astrologer can tell what type of stone You can wear (sapphire, diamond, pearl  .....), but buy the purchase of the stone is very essential note the quality and history of a particular gemstone, as well as compliance the particular stone to us. There may be situations where we have purchased a useful blue sapphires (or any another gem), which astrologically we are compliant, but this  particular stone  give us a problems. You have to live with a stone. If you feel that you have a problem, it is necessary to divest from this gem and find another. In addition, it is important to properly clean up a the  gemstone and prepare them for wearing.

The stones should be energetically enriched by chanting the mantras, by rituals. It is important to note the weight of the stone. Astrological gemstone has touch our skin. Significant is the time when we start to wear gemstone.

For astrological adjustment are valid only natural gems.


Wearing the gemstones to take into account the finger they are used.




Index finger


Guru Mangala

Middle finger


Shani, Shucra, Rahu, Ketu

Ring finger

fire, water

Surya, Chandra

Baby finger




Gemstones for adjusting of the Grahas energy



right (men) left (women) hand ring finger, embedded in gold



right (men) left (women)  hand ring finger, embedded in silver


red coral

right (men) left (women)  hand index finger, embedded in gold or silver



right (men) left (women)  or left hand little finger, embedded in gold


yellow sapphire

right (men) left (women)  hand index finger, embedded in gold



right (men) left (women)  hand middle finger, embedded in gold


blue sapphire

right (men) left (women)  middle finger, embedded in gold



right (men) left (women)  or left hand middle finger, embedded in gold or silver



right (men) left (women)  hand middle finger, embedded in gold

Exist other types to wear a stones, but you should seek advice of any specialist!


Possible replacements


dark red garnet, red spinel


moonstone, freshwater pearl




green zircon, green tourmaline


yellow topaz, yellow citrine


white sapphire, quartz, transparent zircon


lapis lazuli, malachite, amethyst, blue spinel


orange zircon




About the use of gems definitely You have to consult a specialist!