Transits (Gochara) Planetary periods (Dasha)

In our world everything is changing. Dashas reflect in the Vedic astrology the71.jpg continuous changing of the world. It's not true that everything that is horoscope, manifets itself  at birth and retains its power to death. Things happen in their own time. Static analysis of the horoscope shows the possibilities, but a dynamic analysis shows the time when they realizes. Static horoscope analysis is performed by analyzing the bhavas, but dynamic analysis is based on dashas and gochar.



Dasha is a period when our lives run by one or the other Graha. Vimshottari (Nakshatra or Udu) Dasha is very popular. Vimshottari dasha show the planets influence in  120 years period. It shows the impact of  9 Grahas periods to our lives. 120-year period is measured from the time of birth.

If we know that Graha is leading us in a any time period, then we can prepare in advance to enhance the positive impact of Graha,  or compensate for the negative effects.

Dasha periods are quite a long time, and shows the general trend .


Period years




















These periods are called Mahadašas. For further  they are divided into 9 subperiods  - Anatardashas, where each subperiod (Antardasha) are devided again in 9 subperiod - Pratyandardasha. Each subperiod is lead by any Graha.

Often very important are periods managed by  Grahas, who brings Prarabha karma - Shani, Rahu, Ketu. Fatal events usually happens in these periods.



Gochar (Transit)

Gochar is a continuous movement of the Grahas, which is compared with the natal horoscope. In order to assess the positive or negative effects of the transit, we use the same principles as for the analysis of natal chart. If Graha in transit becomes  close to the position in  Natal chart, the effect becomes stronger. Such knowing your natal horoscope, and comparision with existing situation gives You  possibility to asses Grahas impact at the present moment. To be more precise, in transit existing Grahas influence, should be compared with a dasha, with lord of respective planetary period.

Special transit, calculated from the Chandra is Sade Sati. His a duration is approximately 7.5 years. During this period, Shani crosses 3 Rashi - Rashi located before Chandra; Rashi in which Chandra is located; Rashi next after Chandra. Shani brings prarabha karma. Chandra is our mind, emotions. During Sade Sati period karma manifests itself very actively through our mind and emotion. We can observe transits for all Grahas, but the most important transits are formed by slaw Grahas - Guru and Shani.

Guru is index  of a pleasant things, Shani - the poverty indicator