Mesha (Aries)

Dynamic, aggressive, tuned to the rivalry, showing initiative. Often living in 11.jpgthe future. Characterized by logical thinking. Independent, like adventures. Possess strong emotions, able to manage them.

Impulsive, sometimes obstinate. Criticize others and selfconfident. Poorly developed type can often be angry to others and try to manipulate them, roughly cutting their way in life, pushing to others. Militancy is usually manifested in the intellectual sphere, rather than through physical activity. Not-for-violence.

Egocentric. Serves as iniciator of something new. Has ambitions, high survival strength.


Vrishabha (Taurus)

Personal relationships are important to them. Striving for balance, harmony. Stable, durable, settled. Good sense of form and beauty. Attractive, especially at a young age. Owners instinct is good developed. Associated with the material side of life, can accumulate capital. Sensual, like comfort and luxury. Easy build up the relationships, easy takes contacts with strangers.

Does not want to resign, sometimes stubborn. Very patiently. May be insensitive to those who are not in their circle of contacts. A good memory.

Strive for a family. Can be romantic. They like to work with hands. Hard-working.


Mithuna (Gemini)

Energetic, are orientated to changes. Anxious. His mind and body are moving. Good intellectual abilities. Eloquent. Excellent manage the language. Like all new. Can become lying and untrustworthy. Can not lead the things to the end. Sometimes indecisive.

Easy to communicate. Socially active. Superficial. Variable. Active. Resourceful. Can do several things at once.


Karkata (Cancer)

Friendly. Compassionate. Gentle. Taking care of others. Respect the human touch. Hospitable. Emotional. Shy. It may be too shy. Focused on the family.

Faithful. Intuitive. Bright imagination. May lack the initiative. Strive for popularity. Like comfort. Cautious. Sometimes unstable.


Simha (Leo)

Expressed his "I" feeling. A strong character. Developed willpower. Clearly knows what he wants. Proud. Brave. Righteous. Like shine in society. Tend to expose the surrounding people. Wants to be the center of attention. Ambitious. Developed intellect. Generous. Like if others addres him attention. Are showing their power. Dynamic. Aristocratic. Militant. Hot emotions. Organizer. Leader. 


Kanya (Virgo)

Good mental capacity. Analytical mind. Sensitivity. Emotionally. Impulsively. Easily express their thoughts. Related to the material world. Practical. Can work with  hands. Speeks directly, without oblique. Attentive to detail. A good memory. Trying to serve others. Good sense of the form. Can become nervous. Are liking the cleanness and tidiness. Always are not satisfied with something. Demanding. Scrupulous. A critical approach. A good sense of the reality. Like's to talk with others.


Tula (Libra)

Good learning new ideas. Can lead people behind him. Reformer. Propagandist. Idealist. Prophet. Charismatic. Sense of  harmony and justice. Discovered. Dream to create a paradise on earth. Sensitive. Sincere. Humane. True to his ideals. Looking for the truth. Can become propagandists. Looking for the audience. Like’s to enjoy the glory. Sensitive to social processes. Creates a nice neighborhood. Like to be in the public. Gently. Politely. Givenness of a leader. Loves fun. Like’s comfort, travelling.


Vrischika (Scorpio)

Like to express their militancy. Sometimes solve the conflicts by force. More developed mentally people  try to explore the depths of  mind. Can take an interest in the occult. Sometimes try to fight the negative forces. They see life as a fight of light and dark. They may be even very smart. Tend to operate behind the scenes. Carefully. Opens to others only gradually. The orator. Passionate. Sometimes feel internal tense.

Mysteriously. Sensitive. Emotionally. Loves to explore all mysterious. Sure of himself. Stable in his view’s. Decisive. Cautious. In anger can become ruthless.


Dhanu (Sagittarius)

Optimistic. A constructive. High moral principles. Philosophic mind. Sense of justice. Friendly. Looking to carry out his principles in life. Wants to be noticed. Generous. Great-hearted. Discovered. Demanding and critical mind. Rigid in their beliefs. Sometimes looking for fault everywhere. Focused. Active. Principle. Open soul. Loves to travel. Take a obligations. Can sacrifice ourselves for others. Brave. Good-natured.


Makara (Capricorn)

Practically implement ideas. Concerned about everyday matters. Egoistic. Meticulous obstinacy. Estimator. Practical. Industrious. Persistent. Are valued for what they have achieved with their own. Sometimes have sharp judgments. Mathematician capabilities. Stick to tradition. Sometimes emotionally cool. Loves put in order the things. Simple. More humble. Patient. Administrative capacity.


Kumbha (Aquariuss)

Believe in divine beginnings, can donate themselves if there is a high spiritual development. Philanthropist. Defends the oppressed. Suffer from an exaggerated sense of guilt. Oblivious. It is hard them to understand themselves. Feel’s collectivism. Subject to the requirements of the masses. Has the willpower. Sometimes their behavior is strange. Friendly. Like’s to talk. Shy. Like’s old things. Sometimes are stingy.


Mina (Pisces)

Emotional. Open minded. Has intuition. A rich imagination. Has a lot of  enthusiasm. Likes  influence other people. Getting under influence of other people. Sometimes are too easy influenced by others. Friendly. There may be a lot of acquaintances. Sentimental. Has compassion. Can begin to pity ourselves. Difficult to separate from the past. Looking for spirituality. Can influenced by preachers. Like rituals, ceremonies. Tend to go out of concrete answers. Not tie yourself to the promises. Sometimes lack of confidence in itself. Not always self-assestment is correct. Want to be recognized. Can live in fantasies. Emotionally. Vulnerable.