Proper eating times for different foods


Siers.jpgThe best time - early morning

The worst time - evening

It is hard to digest,

The use during the evening stimulates growth of the weight


Figs and apricots

aprikoze.jpgThe best time - early morning

Dried fruits speeds up the metabolism,

stimulates the digestive system

The worst time - evening

Hard to digest, stimulates gassing


Greek nutsgrieku rieksts.jpg

The best time - evening

Antioxidants, omega 3 fat acid,

improves brain function

The worst time - morning, day, night

In these times the weakest impact on the body



The best time - lunchbanans.jpg

Due to the high fiber content,

stimulates digestion, reduces acidity

The worst time - late in the evening

Stimulates forming of the  mucilaginous substances, increase

tendency to catch a cold,

due to the large quantity of magnesium do not

eat on an empty stomach,  irritation risk



The best time - morningsaldumi.jpg

Insulin, which is produced by the body,

better process sugar in the morning.

During the day we have more opportunities to spend calories

The worst time - evening

Sugar causes weight gain, irritates

digestive system, affect the quality of sleep



The best time - the dayrisi.jpg

Not easily to digest, the day metabolism

is faster, it gives the opportunity to burn all the calories

The worst time - evening

Contribute to weight gain


Cottage cheese

The best time - the daybiezpiens.jpg

Normalize the digestive system

The worst time - evening

Especially not recommended if there is a tendency to

get a colds



The best time – evening, before sleeppiens.jpg

The body becomes more calm,

improves sleep quality

The worst time - morning

It can  move the eating schedule



The best time - evening

Fiber speeds up digestion,

cholesterol level comes down

The worst time - morning

It encourages the appetite, so you can eat too much 


Meat and meat productsgalja.png

The best time - the day

difficult to digest

The worst time - evening

Difficult digestion, difficult to sleep



The best time - morningaboli.jpg

Fibers (pectin) gives

a positive effect on the intestinal tract,

It helps prevent constipation,

The worst time - the evening before going to bed

Acid causes high acidity,

discomfort in the stomach. Pectin is a unnecessary load to

digestive system during the night. Gassing risk.