Kuja Dosha (Mangala Dosha)


It is very hard and difficult to remember and to combine all the possible astrological factors. There very useful is the study of astrological yogas - Graha combinations with each other and various astrological indicators.

Yogas can be both favorable and unfavorable. In Vedic astrology is discussed 1001 yoga.


Essential yoga is Kuja dosha (Mangala dosha).

This yoga characterize personal life. Kuja dosha is present where Mangal is placed in 1.,2.,4.,7.,8., or 12. Bhava (house) from the Lagna (ascendent). Kuja dosha points to the failure of the marriage, divorce, partner's premature death. Most suffering is partner, which has the Kuja dosha in horoscope. Kuja dosha is the most dangerous if the Mangal is placed in the 7th bhava. This points to the frequent conflicts with partners, the posibility of divorces. Mangal in first bhava indicates that the man himself is conflicting, thus creating problems for partner,  if Mangal is placed in second Bhava, then it is possibly to have a conflicts due to  the property or childrens. The 4th bhava indikates conflicts inside a family (emotional discord, poor living conditions), the 8th bhava indicates the possible sexual problems, the 12th bhava indicates sexual problems and secret love affair. In addition Kuja Dosha is calculated not only by examining the rising sign (Lagna), but also from Chandra and Shukra. And if Kuja dosha are both from Lagna and Chandra or Shukra it is especially strong.

Approximately half of all people has Kuja dosha, but Kuja Dosha has limitations:

1) if the Kuja dosha has both partners, then it is canceled

2) If the Kuja dosha with one partner is realized till 28 years of age, it is likely that after this age Kuja dosha is not important anymore

3) If Chandra is in the same Bhava as Mangal, then Kuja Dosha is canceled.