Our two closest celestial bodies - the Sun and the Moon serves as a time reference system. In any case most of the people live according the lunar and solar cycles

As our life is closer to the cycles of the universe,  our life becomes more harmonious.

Panchanga calendar combines five key life cycles:


Vara (day of the week)

Each day of the week has its own energetic characteristics. Vara (varana) sets daily creative power, liveliness. vara affects the soul of the event.

Every day of the week is managed by one of the above Graha. Graha defines the energy of the day. According Vedic tradition, the day is counted from sunset to sunset.



Nakshatra refers to the activity or event area. Well-chosen Nakshatra confers the energy needed for smooth development of the corresponding event.


Tithi (Lunar day)

Lunar day show our emotional attitude towards the event, activity.  During the Month  Moon makes a complete circle around the earth. In one month we have 30 lunar days (tithi).  Moon orbital period around the earth is 27.3 calendar days. So the duration of  Lunar day and calendar day  do not match.

Tithi are divided into 2 groups:

Shookla Paksha - rising Moon, the first 15 days. Suitable for activities orientated "out of ourselves",   public  activities

Krishna Paksha – descending Moon, 15 days from full Moon to new Moon. Suitable for activities orientated to "our inside", our inner world

Purnima - Full Moon, Day 15

Amavasja - New Moon, Day 30


Karana (half of Moon day)

Solar day is divided into 2 parts - day and night. Also, Moon day is divided into two parts - Karana. As we have 30  Lunar days, then the totally we have 60 Karanas. Different is only 11 Karanas, which is repeated in various combinations within the lunar month.

Karana is responsible for the proper functioning , what we have to do to get needed result. Karana shows how the work should be made to realize our plans.


Yoga - Chandra or Nitya Yoga (the angle between the Sun and the Moon)

Yoga is a very important factor that affects the realising of any activity. The Yoga is the dominating element to find any auspicious time. Chandra Yoga holds the event together. Yoga can be both favorable and unfavorable.


When choosing a auspicious time to begin any activity is essential to know whether a particular activity usefull for us. You can choose the ideal time for marriage (Muhurta, Panchanga), but if the birth horoscope indicates that marriage generally is not good for this person, then the marriage will not be happy. Allways our birth horoscope is dominant to all princips to find any auspicious time.