How spices influence us

Anise - helps treat cough, liquefy phlegm. It helps in case of hoarseness of garsvielas.jpgthe  voice. Be used for stomach disorders, increases appetite. Remedy for asthma, bad smell in the mouth. Reduces flatulence. During pregnancy should be used cautiously. Increases vata, balances pita and kapha.

Asafetida - protects against flatulence, treats indigestion. Remedy against hysteria, paralysis, impotence, respiratory diseases, cough, repel infections, suppress gases formation. Increases pita.

Basil - reduce spasms, calms the digestive system, kill bacteria, reduces depression and stress, stimulate the adrenal glands. 

Lemon balm - reduce anxiety, depression, stress, flatulence, indigestion, insomnia, reduce spasms, stimulates bile formation, blood pressure becomes lower. 

Dill - calm the digestive tract, reduces spasms, stimulates mothers milk production, reduce flatulence. 

Fennel - heals inflammation, reduce spasms, calms the digestive tract, stimulate the formation of mothers milk, stimulates expectoration, remedy against indigestion and gas formation.

Ginger - helps treat stomachache and indigestion, treats colds, stimulates bile secretion, helps to clean the intestinal tract, regulates the bacterial balance in the intestines, slows down the growth of unfavorable bacteria in the intestines, a remedy for nausea and vomiting, helps to prevent seasickness, reduces cholesterol level in the blood, slows down inflammatory processes, reduces fever, used to treat arthritis, reduces migraine, antioxidant, stimulates blood circulation, stimulate expectoration and sweating, reduce spasms, extend peripheral blood vessels, improves absorption of the nutrients. 

Cayenne pepper - stimulates, tones up, prevents flatulence, stimulate perspiration, kills bacteria, stimulates blood circulation, purify the blood, stimulates excretion of the liquids, tones up the nervous system, by external use reduces the pain of arthritis.

Cinnamon - reduce flatulence, stimulates perspiration, kills bacteria, stimulates digestion, reduces nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, helps effectively use insulin, reduces abdominal pain. Stimulating effect, antiseptic, purifying body. In the body creates a heating effect. It gives energy to the biological tissues. Helps heal colds and coughing. Reduces kapha, increases vata and pita. Recommended for debilitated and middle-aged people, because it provides strength, strengthens the heart, heals urinary tract. Blood cleansing effect. Remedy for flatulence. Lowers cholesterol level (1/2 teaspoon daily), prevent the formation of atherosclerosis, regulates blood sugar level. Stops fungal infections. Reduces expansion of the leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells. Antithrombotic effect. Reduce arthritis pain (1/2 tsp cinnamon + 1 tsp honey every day). Cinnamon flavor stimulates cognitive and thinking function. 

Green cardamom - strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves blood flow in the brain, calming effect, prevents unpleasant odors in the mouth, relieves heartburn, stimulates the release of gases in the intestine, stimulate digestion and expectoration. Calms the air and water elements in the body, reduces depression, lifts mood, treats pain in throat and hoarseness, relieves headaches and hiccups.

Caraway seeds - stimulates the release of gases in the intestine, improves digestion, prevents spasms. It stimulates appetite, helps against nausea during pregnancy. Balances vata. 

Garlic - destroys pathogenic microorganisms, protects the heart, lowers blood pressure and sugar level, stimulate sweating, blood thinner, stimulates expectoration and digestion, has a diuretic and anti-cancer properties, reduces level of the cholesterol and risk block the blood vessels, antioxidant, stimulates the immune system, anti-inflammatory effect. 

Coriander - helps to purify the liver and gall bladder, it helps to eliminate stones and sand from the kidney, calms the digestive tract, stimulates the appetite and absorption of the nutrients.

Cloves - reduces ear and tooth pain, helps to reduce blood pressure, kills pathogenic flora, purifies the blood, antioxidant, stimulating and warming effect, cures inflammations, reduces spasms, is used for treatment of asthma, bronchitis, diarrhea, vomiting. Reduces nausea, thin the blood. Increases Pita, helps control vata and kapha, relieve cough.

Cumin - calms the digestive tract, reduces spasms, stimulates milk production for mothers, stimulates urination. 

Turmeric - helps to purify the liver and blood, has antiseptic properties, can be used for treatment of the skin ulcers and traumas, reduces the risk of cancer or Alzheimer's disease, stimulates bile secretion, reduces cholesterol, slows down inflammatory processes, reduces fever, antioxidant, purifies the blood, reduces pain and spasms, protects liver cells, reduces muscle pain after exercise, improves the action of insulin, reduces the risk of heart infarction. It is used for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, fungal infections, AIDS, Crohn's disease, eczema, indigestion. Natural antibiotic. Has a warming and light dry effect. Reduces kapha, a balances vata and pita. Reduces phlegm, eliminates from the body slag and toxins. Inhibits putrefaction flora in the intestines, cleanses from the phlegm, normalizes the functioning of the pancreas, stimulates digestion, reduces emission of the gasses, can be used for treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Bay leaves - antibacterial and antifungal activity, diuretic, astringent, anti-cancer effect, stimulates the immune system, improves digestion, reduce blood pressure. 

Black pepper - improves digestion, antiseptic. Has warming properties, improves blood circulation, relieves muscle or joint pain (by rubbing in the skin), reduces kapha, can be used for releasing the nose in case of the colds, increases the body's physical strength to fight with the disease. 

Nutmeg - improves brain function, helps to concentrate, calms down, relieves inflammation and spasms, stimulates digestion, relieves colic, diarrhea, nausea. Tones up the heart, it is used by sexual failure, incontinence, blunt abdominal pain. Improves appetite, stimulates natural sleep. Due to the strong influence should be used for children very carefully. Recommended for vata and kapha types. For pita - in limited quantities.

Parsley - antioxidant, tones up, improves digestion, stimulates urination, helps cleanse the kidneys. 

Mint - improves digestion, helps against nausea and vomiting, sedative effect, reduces accumulation of the gases, expands peripheral blood vessels, stimulates sweating and bile, reduces pain. It is used for treatment of the ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, motion sickness, fever, colds, for improvement of the appetite as well.

Rosemary - antioxidant, heals inflammation, soothe the nerves, prevent the accumulation of gases, destroys pathogenic micro-organisms, stimulates perspiration and bile, relieves depression, stimulates blood circulation, tones the nervous system and heart, stimulates urination, food preservation, improve memory. It is used in case of migraines and headaches, also chronic weakness and pain in joints.

Saffron - calms the nervous system, reduces stress, helps to eliminate phlegm, normalize heart function, improve digestion of the milk. Love and good mood spice. It helps to keep emotional balance by depression. Balance the first chakra. It creates the sense of stability and security.

Mustard - balances the level of the cholesterol and sugar in the blood, regulates the heart activity, reduces the accumulation of gases. It is used for healing  asthma, bronchitis, constipation, fever, digestive disorders, muscle and tooth pain. Increases energy level in case of chronic tiredness.

Thyme - an antioxidant, promotes expectoration, destroys pathogenic micro-organisms, reduces spasms, tones, heals wounds, prevents accumulation of the gasses, treats cough, soothe the nerves. It is used by chronic cough, bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, asthma, irritable intestine syndrome.

Vanilla - activates the part of the brain responsible for good mood, has a calming effect.