Grahas, qualities

  Surya Chandra Mangala Buddha Guru Shukra Shani Rahu Ketu
  Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu
Symbol Sy Ch Ma Bu Gu Sk Sa Ra Ke
Uccha Mesha 10 Vrishabha 3 Makara 28 Kanja 15 Karkata 5 Mina 27 Tula 20 - -
Niccha Tula 10 Vrishchika 3 Karkata 28 Mina 15 Makara 5 Kanja 27 Mesha 20 - -
Svakshetra Simha Karkata Mesha, Vrishchika Mithuna Dhanu Vrishabha, Tula Makara, Kumbha - -
Mature (life years)  22 24 28 32 16 25 36 42 48
The prevailing periods (years of life)  23-41 0-4 42-56 5-14 57-68 15-22 69-108 69-108 69-108
Friends  Ch, Ma, Gu Sy, Bu Sy, Ch, Gu Sy, Sk Sy, Ch, Ma Bu, Sa Bu, Sk, Ra Bu, Sa Ma
Enemies  Sk, Sa, Ra, Ke nav Bu, Ra Ch Bu, Sk Sy, Ch Sy, Cha, Ma, Ke Ch, Sy, Ma Sy, Ch, Sa
Neutral Bu Ma, Gu, Sk, Sa, Ra, Ke Sk, Sa, Ke Ma, Gu, Sa, Ra, Ke Sa, Ra, Ke Ma, Gu, Ra, Ke Gu Gu, Sk Sk, Bu
Nature  heartless benefic, when growing, malefic, when waning malefic benefic,when conjunct with a benefic benefic benefic malefic malefic malefic
Day  Sunday  Monday  Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday    Friday   Saturday  Saturday  Tuesday
Numeral 1 2 9 5 3 6 8 4 7
Metal  copper silver, bronze copper brass gold silver iron lead lead
Stone  ruby pearl, moonstone red corall emerald yellow sapphire, topaz diamond blue sapphire Hessonite cateye
Sex  male female male neuter male female neuter female neuter
Element fire water fire earth ether water air air fire
Color dark red, orange nacreous, white magenta green yellow white, pink, various shades of bright black gray, translucent shades, iron-gray red, multicolored, striped
Varna kshatriya vaishya kshatriya vaishya brahmin brahmin sudra mleccha mixed
The social situation  king queen general, commander in chief prince minister, counciler healer, counselor servant    
Temperament  stable, assertive, domineering, self-centered variable, empathetic, humane aggressive, spontaneous, purposeful moving, changing, multi-faceted kind-hearted, fair, generous sociable, benevolent, seductive bleak, cold, dictatorial, surly aggressive, eccentric, impulsive aggressive, eccentric, impulsive
Personifies  Atman (spirit, ego) feelings, emotions energy, strength intellect, rational thinking, communication knowledge, wealth, success pleasure, comfort, beauty, passion, desire limitations, grief, loss, failure anything unusual, prarabha karma liberation, mysticism, prarabha karma,  ignoring of traditions
Age graha which personifies  50 70 preschool (some sources indicate 16) youth 30 16 100 100 100
Taste  bitter salty hot different, mixed sweet sour astringent    
Celestial Direction  E NW S N NE SE W SW SW
Distances  medium short medium medium medium long long long medium
Dosha  pita vata, kapfa pita tridosha kapfa vata, kapfa vata vata pita
Guna satva satva tamas rayas satva rayas tamas tamas tamas
Body tissue  bone internal liquid, psyche, lymph muscles, bone marrow skin, lungs, nervous system adipose tissue reproductive tissue nervous system    
Body parts  head face thorax lower back abdoman genytals back, hips hands legs
Relatives  fother mother brothers, sisters mother's brother husband, children wife servants grandfather (maternal line), grandmother grandfather (paternal line), garndmother
Hosts palaces, temples, spacious halls public spaces, water, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, places where women live operating rooms, conflict and crash sites, barracks, aggressive sports events, close to the fire, kitchens, factories, slaughterhouses business, shopping, entertainment, gambling site. Educational institutions. Information centers. Transport site, mail, non-aggressive sports events, publishing houses legal institutions, the Cabinet of Minister, places of religous cult, official ceremonies, banks, storage art, beauty salons, pleasure and entertainment space, auto shops, medical institutions Nursing homes. Antique. Cemeteries. Morgues. Dumps. Sewerage. Prisons. Monasteries. Mine. Abandoned houses. Slums. Basements casino. Illegal places. Conspiracy site. Underground. Protest  sites. The place where the fraud. Places where gather alternatively thinking people Yoga, meditation, occult knowledge, spiritual practice site
People, animals, plants, minerals  organic matter, plants, four-legged animals organic matter, reptiles, rodents, insects, plants inorganic matter, minerals living beings, animals living beings, animals, two-legged organic matter, plants. Two-legged inorganic matter, minerals inorganic matter, minerals. Rodents, reptiles, insects inorganic matter, minerals. Rodents, reptiles, insects
Clothing  coarse, thick clothing new clothes patchwork, combination  different clothes clean, perfect outfit ordinary hardy, longterm , decorated with ornaments old, torn clothes    
Form  tetragon ring sandglass shape triangle ellipse octagon shape of the window with 4 panes a straight line flag on a stick
Persuasion punishment temptation punishment diplomaty good advice good advice diplomaty    
Diseases  high temperature, fever, eye and dental diseases, neuralgia lethargy,sleepines, lung disease, oral diseases, diseases associated with blood, indigestion, fluid retention, mental illness overheating, fever, liver disease, skin rash, blisters, inflammation, surgery, all acute illnesses thinking and nerve disorders, skin diseases blood system and lymphatic obstruction, tumors, liver disorders, ear disease genitourinary diseases, loss of potency, sexual deviations arthritis, rheumatism, general exhaustion, paralysis, deformities, nervous system disorders, all chronic diseases epidemic, hysteria, madness, epilepsy, skin diseases chronic, poisoning epidemic, hysteria, madness, epilepsy, skin diseases chronic, poisoning
Flowers, plants, food red lotus, wheat, strong massive trees, rare and expensive wood, pine, orange tree, cedar, almond, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, saffron, medicinal and aromatic plants, large and prominent yellow flowers, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, ajwain lily, rice, all plants that contain a lot of juice and oil, aquatic plants, flowering plants at night, melon, fruit and vegetables, milk, dairy products, corn, poppy, spices with mild flavor, water, everything that can be sauteed or steamed, chilled products red flowers, red lentils, trees and shrubs with thorns, weeds, stinging nettle, poison ivy and oak, all the pungent spices, pepper, mustard, coriander, garlic, hemp, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, herbs, and foods with strong odors , foods with lots of protein (eg meat), food  calling passions, various stimulants deciduous trees, lentils "mung", trees that give not fruit, small plants, wild flowers, roots used as food, carrots, peaches, fruits and vegetables obtained by hybridization jasmine, Bengal peas, trees that bear fruit, rich but clean food, cream, butter, ghee butter, pumpkin, naturally sweet food, fruit, fruit juices, sugar cane, figs, honey, olive oil white lotus, bean, beautiful flowering trees, cotton, silk, all the strange and exotic vegetables, pomegranate, gooseberry, juice, which is naturally sweet or sour, sweet substance refined, white sugar, glucose, fragrant flowers and trees, sandalwood, perfumes, garden flowers, creepy and running plants, sweets violet, sesame seeds, wasted or deformed trees, food hurd to digest, legumes, alfalfa, clover, peas, arahis, soy, dark-colored products, rye, poor quality, old broken food, bitter herbs, salt, pickled and marinated products, vinegar, weeds    



Graha Friend Neutrals Enemy Guna Aspects Signifikators
Sy Ch   Ma  Gu BU Sk  Ra  Ke  Sa Sattva 7 Soul, "I", energy, ambition, respect, father
Ch Sy  Bu Ma  Gu  Sa  Sk Ra  Ke Sattva 7 Emotions, mind, health, mother, mental balance
Bu Sy  Sk Sa  Ma  Gu Ch Rajas 7 Intelligence, speech, relationships, communication, diplomacy
Ma Sy  Ch  Gu Sa  Sk Bu Tamas 4  7  8 Energy, ambition, aggression, agility, accidents, brothers, friends, militancy
Gu Sy  Ch  Ma Sa Bu  Sk Sattva 5  7  9 Success, justice, divine, wealth, status, expansion, husband
Sk Bu  Sa Sy  Ch Gu  Ma Rajas 7 Desires, enjoys, artistry, beauty, sensuality, sexuality
Sa Sy  Bu  Sk Gu Ch  Sy  Ma Tamas 3  7  10 Obstacles, seriousness, truthfulness, suffering, restrictions, practicality
Ra Sk  Bu  Sa   Sy Ch  Ma Tamas   Karma, bizarre, abroad, anxiety, disease, independence
Ke Sa  Sk  Ma Bu  Gu Sy  Ch Tamas   Death, spirituality, separation, trauma, vastness, intuition