Grahas (Planets)

Surya (Sun)128.jpg

Father ego, "I", the soul, individuality, rational mind, honor, social status

Indicates a noble, bright individuality, dignity, power, authority, leadership, creativity, or - the pride, self-centeredness, pretentious, pompous, despotism


Chandra (Moon)

Mother, emotion, personality, sociability, happiness, home, popularity

Indicates the sensitivity, fantasies, good memory, tendency to live a healthy lifestyle, or - too much sensitivity, inadequacy in relationship,  inability to control  feelings


Mangal (Mars)

Brothers, friends, enemies, ill-wishers, injuries, energy, logic, natural science

Indicates power, ambition, courage, passion, activity, spirit of competition, militancy, energy, or - anger, irritability, impulsivity, intolerance, unsteadiness


Buddha (Mercury)

Childhood, education, intelligence, speech, commerce, adaptability, professional call

Indicates the rationality, high intelligence, ingenuity, wit, agility, skills, well-developed language, the ability to understand things, or - indifference, lack of morals, cynicism, it is difficult to express thoughts, difficulties in communication, excessive peroration, obstinacy


Guru (Jupiter)

The husband, guru, dharma, law, wealth, success, generosity, children, health, creativity

Points to the growth and development, bright vision, true wisdom, optimism, sincerity, sociability, good sense of humor, faith to ideals, justice, or - arrogance, wasting of the money, lack of morality, greed, materialism


Shucre (Venus)

Art, design, poetry, pleasure, comfort, luxury, sexual attraction, beauty

Gentleness, friendliness, sociability, desire for harmony, elegance, sophisticated sensibility, or - laziness, vanity, excessive sentimentality, corruptibility, lack of taste and measure.


Shani (Saturn)

Death, longevity, old age, illness, loss, grief, estate, destiny, restrictions, rout, alienation

Specifies the authority, discipline, sense of responsibility, a healthy conservatism, practicality, perseverance, persistence, regularity, or - anxiety, isolation, depression, greed, disappointment, frustration, singleness, pessimism, lack of flexibility, difficulties to adapt, melancholy, distrust, suspicion


Rahu (Rahu)

Disease, psychiatric disorders, social trends, riots, epidemics

Indicates originality, a new approach, a bright individuality, independence, intuition, the ability to understand things, inspiration, rich imagination, the ability to invent, or – confusion of feelings, uncertainty, dishonesty, escape from reality, neuroses, psychoses, alcohol and drug addiction, illusion, delusion, frustration


Ketu (Ketu)

Injuries, hate, death, denial, knowledge, spiritual liberation

Indicates vastness, sensitivity, idealism, intuition, compassion, spirituality, self-sacrifice, exquisite feelings, or - eccentricity, fanaticism, impulsivity, violence, lack of morality, ignoring of  morality,  tendency to destroy all basics, intense emotional relationship.