Family curses

54.jpgIncomplete things in family generates strong emotions (curse). These are emotions that our ancestors have not  survived. So we need to survive those things. We live not our own life, but ancestors lives. Our task is to deal with this situation, it survive and solve.

Family curses does not end themselves. They repeat again and again,  each time stronger and stronger as long as we notice the problem and correct that.

It is possible that someone has cursed us, but it is not necessarily required to form a family curse. It is possible that one of our ancestors unknowingly just have wanted some evil to somebody but a lot of curse we earn ourselves in breach of the laws of the universe.

Activities generating the family curse:

1. The unacknowledged fates. Family forget some souls (abortions, deadbirths, very early dead people,  from  family banned, missed or forgotten people)

2. Women's idea that all men are weak; women hypercontrol over family

3. Unfair penalties, injustice in our life, which leads to the breakdown of families (such as deportation), or to the loss of relatives

4. If someone in the family is a "hangman" (for example, working in repressive institutions and carry out violence)

5. Destruction, pollution of the nature

6. Addressing the evil to others, even to enemy

7. Dying having hate to others. It does not matter against whom hate is directed. Blaming anybody in death in the moment of dying.

8. If in the family develops an opinion that giving of the birth is dangerous

Signs of the family curse:

1. Any kind of sudden material loss (stealing, fraud, accident, fire, etc.). Suddenly, somehow we lose the things that are emotionally important for us

2. Any kind of social betrayal; relationship significantly becomes worth after childbirth

3. A sudden, incomprehensible ending of the relationship. The dispute for no reason, which leads to the termination of relationship

4. The family can not have their own home

5. You can not get married. You can not fall in love

6. You can not conceive a child, a partner does not want children

7. One of the partners is in the excessive use of alcohol, drugs, avoid family (spend too long hours at work, too many travels, spend too long time with friends, etc.)

8. Adultery; the desire to commit adultery; jealousy, regardless is there any reason or not

9. Problems with children (parents are not authority for  children, children regularly are ill, too much passion for computer games, early smoking, autism)

10. The family scenario repetition from generation to generation.


Last 10th sign completely indicates the existence of a family curse. The reasons for the rest of the signs (Nb.1-9)  may be other karmic causes too. If there are more signs, it is quite safe indicator of the family curse, but it is recommended on these matters to consult with a specialist. Diagnose the family curse without help of specialist is very difficult because they are embedded deep in our subconscious.


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