You are aware if:harmonia 3.jpg

- stop killing and destroying  your body.

- stop interaction when a conflict arises.

- do not answer the pointless questions.

- choose your environment  yourself.

- you are responsible for every yours action or inaction.

- do not impose your worldview on another.

- do not conflict with dissenters.

- do not look for the guilty people.

- you know how to love unconditionally.

- every day you "clean" the mind.

- keep your body and the surrounding space clean.

- let others go their own way, even if they go another direction.

- with interest, without any panic, treat any emerging problem, seeing it as a kind of game of consciousness.

- do not try to solve the problems of others, but are willing to help another learn how to solve problems on their own.

- you know how to switch on "the inner teacher" if the "inner child" has played too much.

- treat with respect all that has come into your life or gone from it.