10 basic rules

1. You are exactly where you should be. Believe it! Everything that 136.jpghappens, happens for the best. Despite what way you are, nothing happens accidentaly. Everything has a higher reason.

2. Always Be ready for any change, because nothing is permanent. Bad or good - everything happens. Accept every minute as it is.

3. All that you really need, you already have. It is love, spirit, compassion and willpower. These are the things that define your character and you as a human being. The world constantly interacts with you at this level every day.

4. At that moment you are such a person, how you want to be. The main goal is to be in harmony with itself. Do not break yourself for caprice. You change only if you accept yourself such as you are.

5. You define your own value. You will never feel happy, if you will try to fancy to others and will wait compliments and approval from them. Believe, to control the thoughts of others is not possible. Just try to fancy to yourselves.

6. It is  easy to fight with difficulties, if you look at them from the other side. If you are too worried you do not  live in the real world. But think - across all the life any of unpleasant event is negligible.

7. Live in the present moment. Of course, you may regret the past and dream about the future, but it is better to find your passion and act according her. All that was, is your experience. And all that wll be - is the application of experience today and consequences of today's actions.

8. Let go of the fear. You will understand human nature and the purity of love,  if you get rid of fear. How? Go to meet your fair. Only this way you will overcome them.

9. Stop to control everything. Do you really think  you can foresee everything, even any response to the events? Learn to love and to live without the feeling that everybody are under an obligation to you.

10. Accept all that happens with you without prejudice. Fighting does not make any sense, because your main enemy is you. Love to yourself - this is what will help you.